Finally, a spring day in Minnesota!!!!




Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I WAS OFFERED AND ACCEPTED THE JOB!!!!  I’m the newest teacher at SWSC next fall!  I will be teaching 3rd grade and although I’m sad about the idea of not being home with my littles, I’m excited to be teaching again!

Sweet, sweet little blessings!

As I sit here thinking of what I want to write, I’m overcome with emotion.  I struggle to find the words to accurately describe the events that have taken place over the past couple of weeks.  

My best friend has been through one of the most difficult adoption journeys possible.  I could never even begin to imagine how hard of a road it was for her and her family to walk down, but through it all she has remained faithful and thankful for the forever children that she was blessed with.  

After a very long and painful failed (domestic) adoption experience and wait, her and her husband arrived home with their newest little (domestic) blessing just last night.  I cannot explain how overjoyed I am for her and for her family.  I was literally in tears yesterday because I’m so very happy for them.  

There are so many horror stories in the adoption world and at times it feels as though it might never happen.  It feels amazing to be able to watch families grow through adoption and to be able to look back and see God’s hands on it ALL.  God is so VERY good!!!

We continue to pray for all the families that are in our lives, that they may be blessed with their newest little miracles VERY soon!  🙂  

Waiting on spring

Wow, I haven’t been updating the blog much lately.  It’s hard…there are so many things happening in our lives, but yet it’s hard to find time to write about all of them.

The girls…
Allie started her new Christian based preschool and loves it.  She’s met many new friends and it’s really helped her to settle into life here in Lakefield.  She will be starting kindergarten this coming fall, but we haven’t decided exactly where she will be attending.  There is an elementary school here in the town we live in, but if I get a teaching job in a neighboring district we haven’t decided if we will open enroll her to that district or if she will stay here.  Time will tell…

Me next year…

I was lucky enough to get an interview last week at a neighboring school district and it went really well!  They are still interviewing through Tuesday, so I won’t know whether or not they want to hire me until the end of the week.  Even if I’m not offered a teaching position, I’m happy with how the interview went and feel very blessed to have all of the experience that I did gain at my previous district.

If I’m not offered a position, I will likely keep my eyes open for other positions that may open up in the next few months.  If nothing comes available, I may have to just sub.  As much as I’d love to continue to stay home with my kiddos, it’s really not an option financially anymore.

Paulzine baby #3…

Our profile has been shown three times thus far.  Each time we cross our fingers and dream about how this child might just be our child.  We spend time thinking about how “perfectly” this child would fit into our family and pray that no matter what this birth family is able to find peace in whatever decisions they make.

A few weeks ago, we were excited to find out that we were chosen by one of these families to parent their little baby boy that is due April 9.  We were beyond thrilled, but like many other adoptions the excitement didn’t last as the birth mother changed her mind a week later and decided to parent.

We are back to waiting again…like so many other adoptive families.  We continue to pray for SO many other adoptive families that we know and love.  Each one of these precious families mean the world to us and we pray that God blesses them with movement in their journey to their newest little miracle!!!  Adoption is tough stuff, but God is greater than any of this!!!!


He’s beginning to get busy at work!  The day I had my interview he came home early to watch the girls.  My interview took a lot longer than I thought and when I arrived home, I learned that Cory had taken the girls to work with him and his secretaries where watching them!  Ugh!  Actually, the secretaries were on cloud nine as they ADORE the girls and the girls have so much fun at daddy’s office!!!  Why wouldn’t they…there are candy machines, a Culligan water thing they can play with and tons of guys that would give them anything they’d ask for!

***Note to self, make a treat to send to work this week to thank them for babysitting the girls!!  LOL!

The house…

Slowly we are getting more and more projects done around the house.  I’m working on making curtains for the girls’ room…no sew ones from Pinterest.  Fingers crossed that they turn out!


The girls can’t wait for spring!  We’ve been spending as much time as possible outside and it’s been amazing!!!  Come on spring…we can’t wait for you to be here!!!