Our big 5 year old…we are so very proud of you!!


Allie's birthday breakfast

I can’t believe that five years ago, our beautiful little 8 pounds and 1 ounce little baby girl was born!  We will always cherish the time we were able to spend with Allie in the hospital…such precious memories!  Since that time, our little miracle has grown into one of the most loving big sisters and caring little girls I know.  She has two sides to her, the silly side that makes us laugh to high heaven and the other side is such a deep and tender hearted little girls who loves others, loves her sister, and loves God.  We are so blessed to be able to call her our daughter and I feel even more blessed to be able to spend every day with her!!!

A little bit about Allie at age 5!!!

Height: 4 ft 2 in tall

Weight: 54 lbs

Shoe size: 2

My Favorite Food:  Waffles, pancakes, lettuce salads, cucumbers, apples
Favorite Game To Play:  Candyland, Don’t Break the Ice, Ants in the Pants, Memory
Favorite Outside Activity:  Play in the snow or ride bike
Favorite TV Show:  Sofia the First
Favorite Movie:  Strawberry Shortcake
Favorite Thing About School:  Learning about Jesus
The Thing I Am Really Good At:  Teaching my little sister things
If I Could Go Anywhere In The World I Would Go:  Texas…I want to go to the beach!
Favorite Color(s): Aqua
Favorite Toy:  Babies & my little sister (LOL!)
When I Grow Up, I Want To Be:   A doctor
Favorite Song:  Sofia the First songs (THEY LOVE THE CD!!!)
Favorite Book:  Pinkalicious books, Berenstain Bears books, Froggy books, I Spy books, David books…the list could go on and on….
Words To Describe Me:  Nice, Kind, a good teacher
When I Was Little, I used to:  drink from a bottle
My Favorite Season Is:  Spring & Summer…”but it’s not acting like spring very much right now mom!”
The Snack I Could Live Off Of:  Peanut butter & Jelly Sandwiches
A Food I Don’t Like Is: Tomatoes and onions
My Best Friend Is:  Charu
My Best Friend At School:  Roman, ShaKayla, Addison & Connor
If I Had One Wish, I Would Wish:  For a baby brother or sister
My Favorite Memory Ever:  Playing Playdoh, movie & popcorn nights, going to Arizona, meeting Asha



Sisterly LOVE!

One of Allie’s favorite things to do is to draw and write.  She’s constantly sounding out words, writing them the way she thinks they are spelled or asking us how to spell words she can’t quite figure out.  On Saturday, I went to Mankato to pick up a few things for our house and I found Allie a cute little notebook on clearance that she could use as her diary.  When I got back home, I gave it to Allie and she was sooooooo excited.  She opened it up and started writing in it right away.

Before long, I heard Allie walk up to Charu and say “Look Charu, my first page in my diary is for you so that I will always remember you…even when I go off to college I will always love you!”  Charu then said, “Oh wow Allie!  I so proud of you!”  My momma’s heart melted!

I just love these two little sweeties and I LOVE how much they adore each other!


Domestic adoption…

For those of you who are following our blog, I’m sure you’ve figured out that we decided in the end that domestic adoption fits our family best at this time.  The agency that we are working with this time around (AMAZING AGENCY BY THE WAY) is a Christian agency that works with other placement agencies around the US.  We’ve learned a great deal about adoption laws in other states and how various other states have laws that prevent birth families from changing their minds weeks, months and years down the road.  We never thought that we would have another newborn in our home because the idea of going through another domestic adoption was so scary for us.  After learning about our options and about how other states seem to have more laws to protect adoptive parents, we are thrilled at the idea of having a newborn and the girls being able to experience the having a baby sibling!

We are excited that our profile has/is being presented to birthmoms and we know that in the end God will help to bring the perfect child for us into our family!   We are at complete peace with God’s will and that feels amazing!   We’ve really grown in our faith and in the understanding of God’s timing over the past five years!!!

On a side note, I’d appreciate it if you could say a few prayers for a family that we’ve met since moving to our new town.  They are in the process of adopting a little baby and could use some good vibes and prayers sent their way.  Thank you so much!!!!

Pictures from our trip to Arizona

These three girls seriously ADORED each other!  They had to walk hand in hand the whole day at the zoo and Allie was such a good “big sister” to both girls!!!  There were so many special moments and sweet times that us moms just walked behind and smiled somewhat teary eyed at how perfect the day was.

As we left the zoo, Cory said that we “have to keep getting these girls together!”  I can’t express how much we enjoyed our time with this special family…Allie kept asking if we could just move to Arizona so that we could see them every day!  We can’t wait until September when they come to Minnesota!!!sweetie14 sweetie13 sweetie12 sweetie11sweetie6 sweetie5 sweetie4 sweetie3sweetie18 sweetie19 sweeties1 thegirlsss thegirlsss2 thegirlsss3 thegirlsss5 thegirlsss6 thegirlsss7 thegirlsss9 thegirlsss10 thegirlsss11

Busy, Busy, Busy…

On February 15, we closed out of our old house and moved into our new house all in one day!  It was a crazy day to say the least!  Three and four days later, our social worker made her second and third home study visit!  Talk about busy!

We made it through it, the walls are all painted, and we are slowly trudging through the boxes.  

Last Thursday we went on our first (and our social worker pointed out maybe last) real family vacation as a family of four to sunny Phoenix, Arizona.  

I was SOOOOOO proud of our girls as they were AMAZING on the plane, waiting in lines, and all the stuff that goes in between.  The girls had fun swimming in the pool at the resort we stayed at and we had fun going to neat eating places!   We met up with an amazing family whose little girl came home from the same orphanage just three weeks after Charu did.  We really enjoyed our time with them and the girls adored each other as we toured the local zoo.  The next day we decided to meet up with them again and go to the Botanical Gardens.  Charu had a tougher time that day as I think the lack of routine and all of the recent changes seemed to be catching up with her.  She was pretty clingy and not her fun loving self.  We had a nice long nap together that afternoon and she was much happier that afternoon.  

The trip home was pretty smooth, with the exception of some slippery roads.  I’m now trudging through the mounds of laundry and am continuing to unpack more boxes into our little home!

Hopefully I can update more soon!