Allie reading to Charu!

Allie reading to Charu!

Charu LOVES listening to her big sister “read” and mamma thinks it’s pretty cute too!


p.s.  When Charu has her tongue out she’s imitating the little girl in the book that’s sticking her tongue out…ugh!



There were some pretty big changes in the DRC adoption world yesterday and these changes are leaving many families unsettled.  There are many unknowns and many things that are going to be up in the air until a few families trickle through the system paving a path for other adoptive families in the DRC.  We’ve been through this before with Ethiopia…one element in the process changes and then slowly another change happens and then another.  Before you know it, the program that you fell in love with and wanted so desperately to be the answer to your prayers is no longer the program that’s right for your family.   You begin living from rumor to rumor and it begins to get in the way of you living your life…it’s tough stuff, but anyone who’s been through it will tell you that it’s all worth it in the end.  I believe that whole heartedly.  Every sleepless night and stressful day is worth it in the end…and once you’ve gotten through it you see that you’re a stronger person, couple, family and child of God because of what you went through.

However, sometimes when faced with all of the uncertainty God redirects you and shows you a different path…a path that you never thought you’d take again.  He helps to melt away the fears and helps you to begin walking down your new path with complete peace and that peace is such a wonderful feeling!

God IS good and faithful!


One talented lady!!!

One talented lady!!!

EVERY adoptive mamma needs to check out this lady’s site!!!!  I just LOVE her things and I’m certain that I’ll be ordering at least a couple of things from her someday soon!!!  I LOVE the map and the quilts are beautiful keepsakes!  Check out her site when you have a chance!!!