I can’t tell you how much both of the girls LOVE books!  I’ve blogged about it before, but honestly when Charu came home she wouldn’t sit through even one sentence in a book.  I remember wondering if she’d ever be interested in books and if she would ever have the patience to enjoy books.  BOY DOES SHE LOVE THEM NOW!!!

Her favorite books right now would be the Pinkalicious/purplicious books, the David books (although we don’t have too many of them), The Berenstein Bears, Olivia books, The Pout Pout Fish books, and pretty much any book that has animals and/or rhyming in it.  

This first video is of Charu reading a book.  I just love how she studies each page and “reads” what’s on the page.  ***On a side note…we were getting ready that morning and she wasn’t completely dressed yet…she got sidetracked.  

This next video is Charu reading a David book…she can “read” the whole thing, but she only likes to do things when I’m not video taping….stinker!!!  I just love how she improvises!  

Allie is AMAZING at “reading” books too!  She read the whole Pinkalicious book over FaceTime to Tammi one night and she was so proud!!!  I’ll post pictures/videos of her “reading” soon!!!

I better go make some beds!  : )


Lovin’ some ice cream!

Lovin’ some ice cream!

I have a bunch of videos on my phone of the girls and I thought I would share some of my favorites of the girls!  This video is from a couple of weeks ago when Cory decided to go out and get the girls some DQ.  It was so adorable watching them share their ice cream….they really do love each other (even when they are bickering)!


It’s funny…the first time we had a meeting with our social worker (Allie’s adoption) we nervously cleaned every inch of our house (including closets and drawers).  We wanted everything to be perfect.

By Charu’s adoption, we cleaned but didn’t worry too much about the closets and other places that tend to collect clutter.

With this third adoption, we have boxes EVERYWHERE, there’s nothing left on our walls, and the house looks like we have two little pumpkins who like to have fun each day.

Oh well, such is life.  I do plan on actually making the beds today (I’m horrible at that!), so that’s pretty impressive!

The last time our social worker for Charu’s adoption came to our house was a week and a half after we arrived home from India (all of the other meetings have been either on the phone or in the Cities).  We were exhausted to say the least and were living in survival mode.  I didn’t even put on make up for that meeting…heck I’m thinking that I even had yoga pants and a tshirt on if I remember right.

I might put on some make up today…maybe!

Random tid bits from today…

Our house is officially sold and we will close on our new house in less than a month!  I can’t believe how much we have to do between now and then…but it will all get done.  

Cory is leaving for an ice fishing trip tonight, so he took today off and we were able to accomplish some things that we needed to get done.  

I was able to contact the sweetest lady ever who I’ve heard phenomenal things about for daycare for the 2013-2014 school year.  I’m praying that I am able to find a teaching position for next year where we are moving or even a long term subbing position.  We feel that Charu is doing great, but I’d like to see her in a setting where someone else is in charge prior to her starting school.  

I was also able to contact the Christian preschool that is in the town we are moving to.   They said that they would have an opening this year yet, so hopefully we can start Allie in preschool in Lakefield so she can get to know some classmates before the summer.   They should be calling me back tomorrow.  

If you noticed at the top of this page, we added a new tab!   We are very excited & look forward to seeing where this new journey will lead us!!!!

Sharing another blog post…

This week, another Indian adoptive mamma posted a link to a post that is beyond perfect.  There are so many parts to this post that touch home and it was TOO good not to share.  Prior to bringing Charu home, we contemplated sending out a letter (like many international adoptive parents do) explaining to family/friends about attachment and bonding.  We decided not to simply because we were worried we would upset people and/or they would take it to the extreme, in hindsight I think it would have been a good idea so that people knew where we were coming from when it comes to certain situations.  You live and learn.  This next time, we will be educating the people who are in our daily lives prior to us traveling.

Please read this wonderful post!

Oh my stars…these recipes are STOP.THE.WORLD.AMAZING!!!

I don’t know about you, but around our house we tend to get sick of the same old recipes all of the time.  Over Christmas break, I decided to try some new recipes.  So I thought I’d post a couple of recipes that were pretty phenomenal if I do say so myself!

The first one is a stuffed pepper recipe that is SO very delicious that we’ve already made it again.  Both of the girls devoured it and were excited when I made it for the second time!  Here’s the link:

The second recipe was from the same website and it’s an amazing french toast bake that was super easy and SUPER delicious!!!  You HAVE to try it!!!  Here’s the like:

The last recipe I made was a honey lime chicken enchilada recipe.  This was very good…and it was a nice change.  It’s not something that I would eat every day, but was one of those recipes that is very refreshing.  I used half and half instead of heavy cream and I reduced the cheese quite a bit. Still wonderful!

Sorry Mer, my cooking isn’t as beautiful as yours…so no pictures of my dishes.  Maybe next time!!!